Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation in Peak, SC

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What is Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Through the side effects of aging, childbirth, and menopause, the tissue and/or skin of the inner and outer vagina can become lax, causing functional problems. Laser vaginal rejuvenation with Alma FemiLift utilizes a laser to tighten the inner vagina and target problems, like sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and stress incontinence. When undergoing a laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure, the body’s natural collagen production is prompted by warming the outer and inner vaginal tissue. It is a great noninvasive procedure to improve the aesthetic of the vaginal area and address some common issues. To find out more about laser vaginal rejuvenation at Peak Aesthetics, schedule an appointment with board-certified family physician Benjamin Pinner, MD in Peak, SC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does laser vaginal rejuvenation work?

The Alma FemiLift procedure can enhance vaginal laxity. It may also help improve problems with sex resulting from lack of lubrication and other issues. It may also strengthen the exterior appearance and texture of the vagina. Many individuals are electing to have this procedure, thanks to its terrific results and minimal required time off.

Does laser vaginal rejuvenation treat loose skin?
Laser vaginal rejuvenation is recommended for women who desire to boost tightness within the vagina. Factors, such as pregnancy and childbirth, losing a significant amount of weight, or even aging, can stretch the internal muscles and lead to loosening, which can be enhanced with Alma FemiLift. Those who have sagging tissue, like oversized or expanded labia majora, may be better suited for plastic surgery, like labiaplasty. This surgery eliminates the hanging skin tissue along the outer lips to give individuals a more pleasing aesthetic.

What is the recovery from laser vaginal rejuvenation like?
During your initial appointment at Peak Aesthetics, we will discuss how many sessions you may need to achieve the best outcome. There is little to no discomfort or recovery time associated with the Alma FemiLift procedure. You can typically expect to resume your daily activities following your appointment. We advise delaying the use of tampons or engaging in sexual intercourse for 3 – 4 days after your treatment to permit the treated region the time to properly recover.

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